>TWD: Coconut Butter Thins


Another week, another tuesday: time passes by so fast!! But another tuesday also means another great TWD-recipe! This week Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch got to pick a recipe from the wonderfull book Baking: From my Home to Yours, Jayne chose Coconut Butter Thins.
The recipe can be found here!

This recipe is great!! Easy to prepare, pop into the fridge for a couple of hours, bake for a while and you’ll end up with a delicious, delicate cookie. The coconut is barely noticeable and the thins taste really good.

The recipe makes 32 cookies. But I rolled out the dough just a bit thinner than the 1/4 inch specified in the recipe and cut the cookies a bit smaller, so I ended up with 72 smaller coconut butter thins that baked for 10 minutes. Since the dough does spread quite a bit while baking I still had reasonably sized cookies, with an average of only 1,5 WW Points per cookie!
Check out the results of my fellow TWD-ers here!


>So far I haven’t been able to get any of my pics up on Tastespotting, Foodgawker or Recipemuncher… Somehow they’re always too dark, too big, too small, too…. whatever.

I would love some tips and tricks on what to do! So if you have any suggestions on what could work or what I might try: please leave a message!

>CEiMB: Chicken with Mango Barbecue Sauce


So, here I am again! Presenting you the strangest combination of foods on one plate you have ever seen: Chicken with Mango Barbecue Sauce (picked by Aggie’s Kitchen) combined with red cabbage and cranberries, apple sauce and mashed potatoes.

I’ll admit, this was not the diner I had in mind for tonight…. I wanted to serve the chicken with a nice salad, but when I came home today I discovered that my lovely romaine lettuce had changed into a slimy mess overnight…. I guess I’m just having that kind of a week!

Instead of the seeding and dicing some jalapeno peppers I found this really cool tube in the supermarket: jalapenopepper puree. Ideal: 1 teaspoon of the puree is the same as 1 whole jalapenopepper. No more accidentally rubbing in your eyes and having them sting and tearing because you forgot to wash your hands or simply didn’t wash them good enough: just a simple squirt out of the tube!! Perfect.

Also I ommitted the lime juice: since I still had a peelless lemon leftover from this weeks TWD-recipe I decided to squize it before I could bin it. Then I cut the chicken into small pieces before marinating it in the sauce, thinking it would cut back marinating and cooking time (it was already about 8 p.m. when I popped the chicken into the fridge).

This dish is absolutely amazing: a perfect combination of sweet, tangy and spicy. I will definetely make this again, so Aggie: thank you for picking this recipe! One more good part: 1 serving of the chicken with sauce is only 3 WW Points!!!

>Welcome Elie-istas!

>Welcome back to my blog, I’m so happy to be back at Craving Ellie in Belly.
Patience is a virtue they say, so I’m going to test your patience today.

I planned on making the Chicken with Mango Barbecue Sauce, picked by Aggie’s Kitchen, yesterday, but somehow my plans changed. Now I’ll make it tonight.

Hopefully you’ll all be back tonight to see how my efforts turned out!

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>This empty feeling inside

>Today’s my day off from work: every wednesday is in fact. I love to sleep in on those days, I normally don’t get to that every saturday or sunday. But today something was different….

I woke up around 6 am and couldn’t sleep anymore, I had this empty feeling inside. It feels like something is missing, although I can’t pinpoint what that might be.

Normally when I feel like this I turn to some good friends like Ben & Jerry, Milka, Lays or anything else that’s available and pick up a book or turn on the tv while I munch.

But this time it’s different, the feeling is worse…. It’s 1 pm now, I’ve turned the tv on and off about a hundred times, picked up my new book “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer about a thousand times, but just can’t seem to concentrate enough to read more than one page at a time. And I couldn’t stop reading ‘Twilight’ when I read it about two weeks ago…… I’m not even wanting to seek comfort with the former mentioned good friends Ben & Jerry, Milka or Lays….

Tonight I’ll be cooking at my mom and dad’s: my mom had some eye surgery last monday and I want to help in every way possible. I just hope that I can pull myself together so they won’t notice how desperately empty I’m feeling….

Well at least the fact that I’m not turning to comfort foods can be seen as someting positive: it won’t ruine my WW-diet….

>TWD: Blueberry Crumb Cake

>The first time I ever had blueberries was during my first visit to Canada in 1998, from that day on I was hooked. I can honestly say that blueberries are one of my favourite fruits, but still I have never baked anything with them.

This week I finally had the change to bake with blueberries as Sihan of Fundamentally Flawed had picked Blueberry Crumb Cake for this weeks TWD.

Again I managed to mess up: I totally forgot to add the sugar to the cake mixture….. O well, on to the next attempt: this one succeeded, the coworkers loved it and I liked it too: it looked, smelled and tasted good.

I just had one issue with this cake: all my blueberries sunk to the bottom…..

By the way, I cut the cake into 24 squares and 1 square was only 3,5 WW Points!

P.S. I accidentally deleted the pics from my camera before saving them on my pc……. So no pics this week unfortunately.

>Another great giveaway!

>Yesterday I saw another great giveaway over at A Year From Oak Cottage. Marie is giving away the cutest selection I ever saw….. So go ahead and check it out here!!