Restaurantweek @ Morlang – Amsterdam

Tonight I went for dinner in Amsterdam with my mom, we visited restaurant Morlang and had a lovely dinner for my moms birthday.

The birthday girl


Bread served with some mustard mayonaise

Terrine of Pig, Wild Cabbage and Cornichons with Corn Cream, Red Beet-Apple Chutney and Corn Bread

Monkfish wrapped in Serranoham with Basil Pesto, Potato Chip and Cassoulet of Chorizo, Squid and Beans

Sticky Ginger & Molassescake with Apricot Marmalade and Cointreau Cream


>An impression of my road trip to Pfronten-Steinach (Germany)


Last weekend was spent with my mom and our two dogs. I asked a friend to take care of Senna, the cat, and my mom put enough food in the fridge to last all weekend for my dad. Okay, I was exaggerating just a little bit: my dad took care of himself the entire weekend.

We got in the car at 6 am and drove for about 9 hours, including several stops on the way to take out the dogs, have some drinks and eat. We were on the road heading for Pfronten-Steinach, which is situated in Allgau, southern Germany. We stayed at a friends hotel and had a lovely view of the Breitenberg from the balcony of our room. The room was perfect: enough room for the two of us and the dogs.

Saturday morning was spent shopping in Fuessen where we managed to snap up some bargains and enjoyed all the magnificently decorated houses.

Of course we had to enjoy some Apfelstrudel with Vanilla-Rum Sauce on a terrace in the sun.

Some time was spent in a shop where they sold typical German outfit, like the Dirnd’l and Lederhosen shown above.

We then took the Breitenbergbahn up the mountain, Scott (left) and Joey (right) where a bit scared in the gondola going up but they were perfectly fine during the ride down. They had a blast up on that mountain and really enjoyed running around.

>Disneyland Paris – day three: June 1st and Pralines de Paris – day four: June 2nd


Day three of Disneyland Paris was spent at Walt Disney’s Studios
Dad, Harm, Lotte and mom

Mom, Lotte, Harm and dad

Mom at Cafe Mickey

Dad at Cafe Mickey

Pinocchio’s Pasta: a piece of garlic bread with spaghetti, roasted tomatoes, artichoke hearts and a creamy garlicsauce

A close-up of Pinocchio’s Pasta

After lunch at Cafe Mickey my mom and I said our goodbyes to dad, Harm and Lotte as they were heading back home. We checked in at our hotel for that night and ate at a tiny Italian restaurant in Val d’Europe shopping centre. Unfortunately the dessert (an at the time delicious tiramisu) didn’t agree with me and I felt horrible the next day. We did go to Paris and visited one chocolatier where we bought some chocolates. After walking around a bit more I felt worse and we decided to go back to the hotel and drive back home.

A few days later I actually felt well enough to try the chocolates I had bought at Pierre Marcolini, at 3 rue Scribe in Paris. The lady in the shop was super friendly and helped us pick out our favourite flavours. The ones I liked the best were:
    Rose Lait: a soft milk chocolate ganache with a hint of rose water

    Safran: an infusion of saffron pistils in a milk ganache made from cocoa beans from the island of Java

Mangue: a milk chocolate cream combined with a Brazilian mango jam

    Coeur framboise: Fresh raspberry ganache with a lemon twist in white chocolate

But I must admit that my absolute favourite was the Palet Or Lait! Not only does it look amazing, decorated with the gold flakes, but it also tastes heavenly: a smooth milk ganache combined with a caramel coulis, all intensely vanilla-flavoured.

So if you’re ever in Paris, be sure to fit in a visit to one of Pierre Marcolini’s stores and pick up some yummy chocolates! By the way, he also has stores in Belgium (Bruxelles, Antwerp, Knokke and Liege), UK (London), USA (New York), Kuwait and Japan (Ota-kuTokyo, Tokyo and Nagoya), check out the adresses here. Pierre Marcolini had an amazing site in French, English and Dutch that features all his products: this is hardcore chocolate porn!!

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>Disneyland Paris – day two May 31st 2009


Day two of our visit to Disneyland we saw the parade again…
Minnie and Donald

Alice in Wonderland


Winnie the Pooh, my mom’s favourite

Piglet and Iejoor


Pirates from Peter Pan

Tinkerbell, my favourite

Mary Poppins

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

My guess is this is an evil personage from Mulan…

An angry witch….

Ursula from the Little Mermaid

Mom and dad watching the parade

Arial, the little mermaid, and her prince

Beauty and the Beast

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

The top of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Another dancing/singing show

Dad having fun

Harm and Lotte having fun with Mickey hands

Me with Minnie ears

Mickey cookies

Huge Mickey marshmallows

Me with a chef’s hat from Ratatouille

Cute Chip or Dale whisks for sale

Lotte waiting patiently at Walt’s for our table

Dad and I at Walt’s
My entree: Marinated goat’s cheese with pesto and grilled vegetables, chopped tomato with basil, mixed salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Mom’s entree: Crispy shrimp guacamole, Seranno-ham, foie gras with cherries

My main course: Smokey grilled salmon, lemon-mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables

Yummy vegetables

Lotte sneaking a taste from my mom’s guacamole

Dessert concerto selection: a trio of…..
Exotic smoothie
Canelle and macarone

New York cheesecake, almost as good as Dorie’s

Harm boxing with Mickey hands

Walt’s, an American restaurant

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>Disneyland Paris – day one May 30th 2009


So here are all the pics I took on the first day of our visit to Disneyland Paris…..
My dad, brother Harm and SIL Lotte patiently waiting in line for the Disney Express to arrive

The Parade: Mickey, Minnie and Donald

Lotte watching the parade even more enthralled than the little girl standing beside her

The Parade: Alice in Wonderland

The Parade: Cinderella and Prince Charming

A gorgeous stained-glass window in Main Street’s train station
Dad, Harm and Lotte on the Disney Express

Lotte and mom on the Disney Express

Main Street U.S.A.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Big Thunder Mountain

Mark Twain, the steam boat

Harm, scared to death in the Haunted House

Gorgeous wall paper in the Haunted House, the eyes actually glow in the dark!!

Bride in Haunted House

Skeleton laughing his pants off in Haunted House

Mom and dad waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain

Mickey-shaped Apricot Tartlets

Harm, dissapointed with the cookie he picked

My yummy vanilla, raspberry and blueberry tartlet

Harm and Lotte playing Mario Kart while we’re waiting in line at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (1)

Harm and Lotte playing Mario Kart while we’re waiting in line at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show (2)

Minnie and either Chip or Dale at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
Dad having fun at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

Lotte enthusiastically boo-ing at the people across the field

>A little teaser…..


Here are some pics of Disneyland Paris to look at. I’ll tell you all about my visit later!!
Me with Minnie ears

My brother and SIL with Mickey hands

Disney Castle

Ariel, the little mermaid

Dessert at Walt’s

Lunch at Mickey’s Cafe

Delicious Pralines from Pierre Marcolini, bought in Paris

>Two of my favourite places to visit….. And the winners of the Pay it Forward Giveaway!!


Now it’s time to let you know a little bit more about me and the things I like…..
I love to travel, if I could I would do it all the time!!! I like all the places I’ve visited so far, among them Berlin, London, several places in Spain, Germany and Italy. But ofcourse I have some favourites….. My favourite city to visit is Paris and my favourite province/country is Ontario, Canada. It’s been so long since I’ve actually been to them, but with a little luck I’ll be making trips to both of them in 2009…. !!!

My love for Canada started 11 years ago: I was 18, turning 19, and visited Ontario, Canada for an International Youth Exchange Camp of the Lions. My I turned 19 during my visit and my hostfamily was so sweet: they had actually ordered a birthdaycake for me!!

Since then I have been back twice, the last time was about 7 years ago shortly after Lisa moved to Waterloo. Then 5 years ago Lisa came to visit me with her friend Andrea.

Now I have booked my plane ticket and I will be visiting them in June 2009!

I’ll be going to Canada for two weeks in which I would like to stay one week in the proximity of Waterloo, where Lisa lives, and for the other week I want to rent a car and drive up to Montreal.

On the way there I want to stop at a small place called Sainte-Marthe…

I have already visited the beautiful Niagara Falls all the times I’ve been in Canada,
but probably will go there this time too!!!
If you have some suggestions of places that I should visit, please feel free to mention them here!

My other great love is Paris….

I lived very near to Paris for 6 months when I worked as a hotel receptionist at

Disney’s Sequioa Lodge Hotel at Disneyland Paris. During this time I lived in Magny-le-Hongre and tried to visit Paris as often as possible.

It’s been almost 7 years since I came back to Holland and I haven’t been back since.
I am however planning on going to Paris for a long weekend this year, so when I saw this list of things to do in Paris over at Dorie Greenspans’ blog I printed it out immediately!

Again for suggestions feel free to leave me a message!! I have already done the touristic things like visiting the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Notre Dame, etc.

Now on to the most important part of this post: the winners of the Pay it Forward Giveaway.

I used the Random Integer Generator to come up with 3 lucky winners…..

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:3 13 1
Timestamp: 2009-02-21 00:35:18 UTC
Congratulations Marie, Peggy and Steph!