>TWD: Coconut Butter Thins


Another week, another tuesday: time passes by so fast!! But another tuesday also means another great TWD-recipe! This week Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch got to pick a recipe from the wonderfull book Baking: From my Home to Yours, Jayne chose Coconut Butter Thins.
The recipe can be found here!

This recipe is great!! Easy to prepare, pop into the fridge for a couple of hours, bake for a while and you’ll end up with a delicious, delicate cookie. The coconut is barely noticeable and the thins taste really good.

The recipe makes 32 cookies. But I rolled out the dough just a bit thinner than the 1/4 inch specified in the recipe and cut the cookies a bit smaller, so I ended up with 72 smaller coconut butter thins that baked for 10 minutes. Since the dough does spread quite a bit while baking I still had reasonably sized cookies, with an average of only 1,5 WW Points per cookie!
Check out the results of my fellow TWD-ers here!

27 Responses to “>TWD: Coconut Butter Thins”

  1. Jess Says:

    >How pretty! Yours spread out just like mine – and I loved the taste, too.

  2. Steph Says:

    >Marthe, those look great!

  3. SiHaN Says:

    >I’m glad you liked the recipe. And i thought it was majorly wrong that mine became so flat. Darn it. They were pretty tasty after all.

  4. Maggie R Says:

    >Hi,These cookies look so good….Just popping in to say hi and to welcome you to SITS..It’s a great place to meet new friends.. Love your blog…come visit me if you can. I have random draws for my followers….wink wink!xoox((((hugs))))Maggiewaving from southern ontario, canada

  5. Marie Says:

    >Ohh Marthe, your coconut butter thins look sooooooo good!! I just love them!

  6. Cakelaw Says:

    >Your cookies are lovely Marthe – and they are the first lacy (and thin!) ones that I have seen.

  7. Clivia Says:

    >I see lace in those cookie edges. They’re a success! And I’ll bet they taste good too.

  8. Jayne Says:

    >Ah – yours look nice and thin! Mine didn’t spread all that much. Not that it mattered – the taste was wonderful. Thanks for baking along!

  9. Teanna Says:

    >Ooooh 72 of these cookies! They look delicious!!! I’d be in trouble!

  10. The Food Librarian Says:

    >How pretty! They look perfectly thin too!!! Great!

  11. Leslie Says:

    >Marthe, these look great! I love how you cut them smaller and got more cookies.

  12. n.o.e Says:

    >Isn’t it funny how some are thin and others didn’t spread? I love your smaller, delicate cookie. Yum, they were delicious.Nancy

  13. farah Says:

    >These look great and they look like they’d have a nice crunch too. Mine were a little chewy but very good 🙂

  14. Flourchild Says:

    >Im glad you liked the cookies. I really liked them!

  15. Peggy Says:

    >Yours look great. About as thin as mine. I only made half a batch though and I did get 16 cookies. We ate them all! Such food hogs we are. P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the pay it forward. I’ll post it soon. 🙂

  16. Banjo Says:

    >I love, love thin cookies! They look great!

  17. Pamela Says:

    >They look delicious. I was sure these would spread more for me, so I was pleased that they held their shape.

  18. chocolatechic Says:

    >Yours look so pretty.Mine…well…not so much.

  19. Tracey Says:

    >They look wonderful Marthe! Glad you enjoyed them. I think I liked the dough better than the baked cookies this week.

  20. Tammy Says:

    >I made mine thicker which made them a bit more like shortbread. Yours look great though

  21. Linda Says:

    >easy and delicious — this recipe is a keeper! I’m glad you enjoyed them.

  22. Jacque Says:

    >Only 1.5 WW points, unless you eat 8 of them like I did, LOL.Nice job!

  23. shortbreadsouth.com Says:

    >Lovely cookie stack!

  24. Amanda Says:

    >Well they look gorgeous! I liked these cookies more than I thought I would. I keep nibbling at them LOL

  25. leanne Says:

    >I rolled some of my cookies thinner and wow the difference was amazing. The thinner ones were way better. The flavors really stood out.

  26. Maria Says:

    >Nice job on the cookies!

  27. Judy Says:

    >Your cookies turned out beautifully. Must be how thick they were rolled.

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