>So far I haven’t been able to get any of my pics up on Tastespotting, Foodgawker or Recipemuncher… Somehow they’re always too dark, too big, too small, too…. whatever.

I would love some tips and tricks on what to do! So if you have any suggestions on what could work or what I might try: please leave a message!


4 Responses to “>Pictures”

  1. angi_b72 Says:

    >Welcome to SITS!!! Glad to have a new fellow SITSta around the community!!!

  2. Marie Says:

    >I have no advice to share with you Marthe. I always have the same problem and every picture I send in is rejected. I’ve tried to e-mail them to ask why, so that I can change whatever it is I am doing wrong, but no response. I’d love some advice on the same thing!!

  3. aleta meadowlark Says:

    >Hey, don't be down, from what I understand, Tastespotting has literally hundreds of photos going in (and I assume this because it publishes about 100 a day) so they're not likely to get back to you.Fortunately, I have a short list of things I learned that made my pictures way better:1. use a tripod with long exposures to get brighter & clearer pictures.2. do not use your flash3. take pictures during the day using natural sunlight–this is the best (and easiest) lighting!3. set the white balance on your camera4. crop your image into a square 250×250 before uploading to avoid the size issuesHope that helps a bit! Good luck with Tastespotting! =)

  4. dp Says:

    >My pictures always get rejected from Tastespotting so I’ve just stopped trying. Aleta has some very good tips. But to be honest, until I took a class, I wouldn’t have understood those tips. Before the class I didn’t understand any of the photography terms or when or how to use certain settings. I did everything on automatic. The class was just an informal one where everyone was there to learn to use their cameras and do fun assignments that built up our skills. There was no pressure of grading. Now I feel very comfortable choosing which f-stop to use and knowing when to adjust my ISO or whatever. I highly recommend a class, if possible.

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