I’m a 31-year old secretary and part-time student, living in Zwolle (The Netherlands).
In the little spare time that I have, I like trying out new recipes and although I love cooking, my true passion is baking.

Why did I name this blog Baking Bluefinger? Well…….
I wanted the name to refer to both my passion (baking), but also to a little legend that tells about how the citizens of my hometown Zwolle got their nickname:

Citizens of Zwolle are colloquially known as Blauwvingers (Bluefingers).
This dates back to a local legend that the local authorities were one day strapped for cash and
saw no option but to sell church bells to neighbouring city Kampen.
To make sure Kampen did not make too much profit from the deal, the local authorities asked
a high price for the church bells. Kampen agreed to the deal, on the condition that
they could choose their own way of paying for the church bells. Zwolle consented,
and Kampen paid in copper coins of vier-duiten (the equivalent of 2-and-a-half cents).
Because of their distrust, Zwolle wanted to be sure Kampen had truly paid the entire price.
The local authorities therefore counted the money until their fingers had turned blue from the copper.

counting the copper coins

Feel free to contact me at: keukenprinses79@gmail.com


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