>TWD: Cocoa-Nana Bread


“Cake. Mmmmm. I want one more piece. Just. One. More. Fucking. Piece.”
This is a quote from Sleep Talkin’ Man, a blog about an English man that talks in his sleep and says really odd stuff. I recently stumbled on this blog and it’s hilarious, it sure makes me smile 🙂 Anyways, this quote expresses exactly what I though of this weeks challenge for Tuesdays with Dorie.

Steph of Obsessed with Baking picked the Cocoa-Nana Bread for us to bake this week. I love Steph’s blog and wasn’t very surprised to find out that she picked this recipe simply because I have seen loads of different Banana Bread recipes pop up on her blog, like this one, one with blueberries (that’s light too!), one by Cook’s Illustrated, one from the Silver Palate Cookbook and most recently the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. In fact I think Steph should change the name of here blog to Obsessed with Baking Banana Bread!!!

This Cocoa-Nana Bread is amazing, my sucky pictures don’t do it any justice!!! I only had a tiny bit: about 1/4 of a slice, simply because my colleagues loved this so much that they devoured it in absolutely no time! In fact when my mom told that she wanted to bake something last Saturday I persuaded her to bake this bread, so I could have another slice! Some people in the P&Q-section where concerned about the banana’s. In my opinion the taste of the bananas was more of an afterthought: but I liked how moist they made the bread. This is another keeper: I will be making it again soon, if not tomorrow! So thanks Steph, for picking this scrumptious Cocoa-Nana Bread!!
The recipe can be found at Steph’s blog, go here to find out what the other TWD-ers thought of this recipe. Here are the TWD-recipes for February, it’s gonna be a great month:
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>CEiMB rewind: Confetti Chili


So yeah, this is not the Five Layer Mexican Dip that was picked by HeatherD of Mama Cooks for this weeks Craving Ellie in My Belly (recipe to be found here at Mama Cooks or at Food Network)… It simply didn’t happen for me this week. Instead I bring you the Confetti Chili that I missed when was picked by Lauren of I’ll Eat You for December 3rd, 2009. Funnily enough Food Network calls the recipe Three Bean and Beef Chili instead of Confetti Chili!
I loved this one as did my parents (apparently I say that I love almost every recipe by Ellie Krieger…). Made it for my parents and accidentally bought the jumbo pinto beans instead of the regular. I did’t add the chipotle chile or adobo sauce as they simply aren’t available where I live: instead I added some extra cayenne pepper, I also added a can of corn.

>CEiMB: Spinach, Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza


Just a short post for now, just came back from the cinema: saw ‘Avatar’. Wow!! What a movie!
Up above is my gorgeous pink bike, covered in the snow. I haven’t seen this much snow since I live in this appartment… It’s been like this since Christmas: crazy!

So, this is my first CEiMB-post in a while. I must admit it’s great to be able to eat again and even better to be able to enjoy the things I eat again! This weeks recipe for Craving Ellie in My Belly was picked by Half Meatball/Half Matzoh Ball Children.

Argula was nowhere to be found at the supermarket, so I used spinach instead. I also added some yellow pepper I still had laying around in my fridge. The second time I made these I added a drizzle of balsamic vinegar to the veggies. This is another winner by Ellie: easy to put together in no time whatsoever and tasty too!! I will most definetely be making this one again!

The recipe can be found over at Half Meatball/Half Matzoh Ball Children and at Foodnetwork. Check out what my fellow Ellie-istas thought of the Arugula, Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza here!

>So, yeah….


Earlier today I was feeling really sorry for my self and I indulged in my selfpity while typing the text in italics below…

Reasons why it suck being me:
  • at the moment I have absolutely no appetite and find no joy in eating the foods that I normally really enjoy, such as chocolate, sweets, desserts, cookies, fries, etc.
  • I’m fat…
  • at the moment I can’t find joy in the things I love to do, such as blogging, cooking and baking…
  • my right cheek is really big, fat and read due to toothache, which makes me feel really ugly…
  • I really like this guy, let’s call him Mr. X and I haven’t heared from him in a week….

When I read those lines a few minutes ago, I knew I had to try and make myself feel better! So, here’s why it’s great to be me:

  • I lost 8 kilos in the last 3,5 weeks thanks to my loss of appetite
  • I have a steady job that I love
  • I have great friends that I can always call when I need them
  • I have an amazing family that I can depend on, no matter what
  • I have the cutest cat and dog that I love dearly

So, yeah…. feeling better already!!!

Outside it’s snowing again. Although I’m done with the snow and the cold, I must admit that it does look really pretty. Especially now that it’s dark outside: the snow is all glittery!

>12 Days of Christmas Cookies…… update


I know…… I still owe you 3 cookies for my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies…..
And of the 9 cookies I posted 3 are only pics, no wordsrecipes…. Don’t worry: everything will be updated this week, except for the 12th cookie: I was all cookied out after 11…. So no NYT Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’m going to bake these as soon as I’m in the mood for cookies, which I’m guessing will take a while.
However, this is what you can expect of me this week: