30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3: Favorite Alcholic Drink

So, at day 3 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge I crashed and burned. The weather turned from cold and rainy to warm and humid, this weather change caused a huge migraine attack that forced me to stay in bed from Wednesday evening until Friday evening. But now I’m back at full force 🙂 !

So today’s subject is my favorite alcoholic drink. At the moment my favorite alcoholic drink is Rosé beer, specifically Wieckse Rosé beer. According to the company’s website ‘Wieckse Rosé is a lovely soft and fruity whitebeer with an accessible freshsweet flavor. It has the nuance of a lovely rosé wine and the livelyness of a sparkling whitebeer. The basis of Wieckse is whitebeer, that is yeasted with a special yeast and has not been filtered. This way it preserves it’s characteristic light an natural turbidity. The combination with fruit juices  gives Wieckse Rosé it’s fresh/sweet flavor and beautiful pink color’.

In my opinion this is the perfect alcoholic drink for the summer.


4 Responses to “30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3: Favorite Alcholic Drink”

  1. gaaarp Says:

    I wondered what happened to you and your Challenge. Sorry about the migrane. Glad you’re back in full force!

    I’ve never heard of this beer, or of rose beer for that matter. I wonder if it’s available in the States?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Interesting!! We don’t have anything like that here, I don’t think, we have wine coolers which are probably similar!!

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