Twitter Avatar April – Jacques Pepin: Cinnamon-Lemon Cakelets

It’s time for another round of Twitter Avatar Fun. Last year a couple of my blog friends were having fun on Twitter with their avatars: they would pick a bread and everyone would post that bread as their avatar for that month. This year the theme is chefs and I decided to join in on the fun. Nancy came up with the great idea of each of us picking a different chef for each month. Everyone chooses one recipe by that chef, takes a photo of the dish and uses that photo as our avatar for that month.

April’s avatar chef is Jacques Pepin, chosen by Di of Di’s Kitchen Notebook. I chose to make Cinnamon-Lemon Cakelets, the original recipe was for Cinnamon-Lemon Pound Cake, but I prefer cakelets :). Ofcourse I added a bit more cinnamon than written in the recipe and after tasting decided it could have used even more cinnamon as the flavor didn’t really stand out. The cakelets were baked for about 23 minutes. The original recipe can be found here.

Next month’s chef is David Chang, chosen by Tracey.

6 Responses to “Twitter Avatar April – Jacques Pepin: Cinnamon-Lemon Cakelets”

  1. Di Says:

    Yay for Jacques! And yay for cake! I don’t know that I’ve ever tried lemon and cinnamon together. Sounds really interesting–I’m definitely going to check out the recipe.

  2. Abby Says:

    Cakelets sound fun…I love minis! =) These sound yummy!

  3. Jenny Hammerton Says:

    Hi Marthe from Silver Screen Suppers in London – am hoping to come to Food Blogger Connect so hope to meet you then. You do like cinnamon don’t you?! – Jenny x

  4. Margaret Says:

    Now this looks tasty. Lemon and cinnamon sounds great together. Nicely done, Marthe.

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