Smulwebdiner @ Librije’s Zusje

Quite a while ago, on November 18th 2009 to be exact, my mom and I enjoyed a lovely posh dinner at Librije’s Zusje here in Zwolle. Librije’s Zusje is a Michelin awarded top restaurant that is situated it in the unusual setting of a renovated 18th-century women’s prison, this building also accommodates a hotel, a cosy wine bar in the cellar and a courtyard terrace where guests can enjoy a drink.

 The evening started on the courtyard terrace with a glass Prosecco and some ‘Mondvermaakjes’, literally translated this means ‘Mouthentertainments’. We were then taken on a tour through the renovated 18th-century women’s prison, and were shown some beautiful hotelrooms and a suite situated in on, two or three former prison cells, we also visited the wine bar in the cellar and the kitchen where all the kitchen staff was busy preparing for our exquisite dinner.

The courtyard terrace

Sauerkraut with spicy pineapple

Lolly of duck liver and red beet

 Crunchy pasta with tomato and aged cheese

Other ‘Mouthentertainment’ served, but not pictured were:
Macaron of coffee and red pepper
Red cabbage with appel and potato

A look into the kitchen

and a sneakpeek to dinner

After the grand tour we were escorted to our tables, my mom and I shared a table with a couturier and friend from Amsterdam, an older couple of whom the husband (now retired) used to work for Shell and lived all over the world, and a younger couple (she was French, he was Dutch) that met while working at Club Med. As you can imagine the conversation was quite interesting.

One of the restaurantrooms

Our starter was Beef Tartare with Chives Mayonaise, Cucumber and Oyster, this was served with a Sauvignon Blanc from Menetou Salon (Loire, France)

We then went on to enjoy Red Mullet, Couscous with Shellfish, Cocos and Lemon Grass, this was served with a Silvaner from Rudolf May (Franken, Germany)
 The main course consisted of Corn-fed Duck from the Veluwe with Red Beet, Jerusalem Artichoke and a gravy of  Citrus Geranium, which was served with a Penoit Noir from Paul Cluver (Elegine, South-Africa)
 Dessert was a Lemon Tart with Pistacio and White Chocolate Ice Cream, served with a Spätlese from Meulenhof Erdener Treppchen (Riesling, Germany)
Overall I can say we truly enjoyed this evening of pampering, wining and dining!

One Response to “Smulwebdiner @ Librije’s Zusje”

  1. Kayte Says:

    Wow, this was certainly fun to read and see! Thanks for sharing, it almost feels like I was there with you.

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