FFwD – Gerard’s Mustard Tart – One Sentence Post

This is my first recipe for this new and exciting group: French Fridays with Dorie and it was Gerards Mustard Tart which I absolutely loved, as will probably everyone that likes mustard although I must say trying to cheat with storebought tart dough wasn’t the best idea I had today since I mistakenly bought sweet tart dough and I also accidentally left the tart in the oven a tad too long; the recipe can be found in Dorie’s new book Around My French Table, don’t forget to check out what everyone else thought of this tart here….


8 Responses to “FFwD – Gerard’s Mustard Tart – One Sentence Post”

  1. Nichi Says:

    >That looks beautiful! I have to go get my book Im missing out!

  2. Beth Says:

    >I hope you can read this. I love your pictue and I love that you are so far away. Great tart and beautiful pictures. How fun that you are in this group Yeah!

  3. TeaLady Says:

    >Tart looks lovely. Love that you made square tart. Glad you enjoyed it. Happy you got your book.

  4. Jess Says:

    >Hey, at least you tried, right? I am making mine next week and now I can't remember if the tart dough in my freezer is sweet or not…uh oh!

  5. Shandy Says:

    >Your tart looks beautiful and does not look too brown to me. I think you did a great job and I bet the tart tasted just as wonderful with a sweet tart dough as would a regular tart shell.

  6. Clivia Says:

    >Your tart looks delicious! I'm sure it was great with that crust too.

  7. Jacque Says:

    >oooh, I like you're square tart pan. Nice work!

  8. Kayte Says:

    >Gorgeous…seriously wonderful job on this one.

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