>TWD: Rum-Drenched Vanilla Cakes


This weeks recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie was super easy and very tasty: two thumbs up!! The Rum-Drenched Vanilla Cakes were picked by Wendy of Pink Stripes.

I took the cake to work and forgot to take pictures when I set them up, so by the time I finally remembered that I still had to photograph the cake there was only half a slice left!!

The only problem I had with this cake: there wasn’t enough of it!!! I should have never halved the recipe!!
The recipe can found over at Pink Stripes. Go visit the LYL to see what my fellow TWD-ers thought of the Rum-Drenched Vanilla Cakes.
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19 Responses to “>TWD: Rum-Drenched Vanilla Cakes”

  1. Nichi Says:

    >An empty plate is always a good sign… and the last piece always hangs around the longest people no one wants to take the last piece.

  2. TeaLady Says:

    >This was VERY good. Definitely a repeat here. But with GOOD rum next time. Yes, 1/2 recipe just isn't enough.

  3. Peggy Says:

    >Yea, I'm your first comment on the vanilla cake! I was going to make this tonight and had to go to a funeral viewing instead so no TWD for me this week. Your cake must have been really tasty to have gotten eaten up so quickly. I was excited to try this and will have to make it soon. Maybe for the weekend coming up.

  4. Jules Someone Says:

    >So glad you enjoyed it! And isn't half a cake slice better than no cake at all? 😉

  5. Sweet and Savory Says:

    >I made half also. You are fortunate, you shared it. This one was just for us.The second photo shows how delicate it can appear. There is something about that picture, I love.

  6. Romaine Says:

    >Always better to leave them wanting more, I say. Must have been delicious!

  7. chocolatechic Says:

    >I rarely half the recipe.Someone will always eat it.

  8. Kimberly Johnson Says:

    >It looks like you got a perfect crumb! Yum!

  9. Kayte Says:

    >That is one great looking half slice in the close-up, no wonder it disappeared so quickly. It was great, with or without the rum!

  10. Tia Says:

    >looks yummy and very moist!

  11. Jaime Says:

    >looks so nice and moist!

  12. sarah (Catch A Cub In Its Den) Says:

    >lol, i hope you learned your lesson and never again cut a dessert recipe in half!

  13. The Mortensens Says:

    >I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. It was a good cake. Glad you got a picture of it before it was all gone!

  14. Clivia Says:

    >Your photo of the one lone piece made me laugh. I knew just what had happened. This recipe's a definite keeper!

  15. pinkstripes Says:

    >It was very popular at my work too! I've got the other half in the freezer though. Thanks for baking along with me.

  16. miss kate Says:

    >I love it! Something about these photos looks so festive and "after the party"ish–the crumbs are like confetti.

  17. Babette Says:

    >New rule: never cut a pound cake recipe in half. That will serve us in good stead for the rest our our lives.

  18. Susan Says:

    >I also wish I had not halved the recipe! Next time I will bake two loaves! 🙂

  19. margot Says:

    >Wow, you know it's a hit when you hardly get a photo! I made half and sort of wish I'd made an extra to have in the freezer.

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