>TWD: Mini Quick Classic Berry Tarts


When I turned 30 last year I had an afternoon tea party at home, the next day I took the leftover cupcakes and brownies with me to work. A couple of my coworkers were so enamored with my baked goodies that they asked me if I would consider baking some things for them to share with coworkers for both of their birthdays. Of course I told them that I would be more than happy to oblige.

Summer came and went, as did Sinterklaas, Christmas, Easter and several other special days and I had totally forgotten about my promise until my coworker approached me last week and asked me if I still wanted to bake for them. I had to check my schedule first to see if I had enough time and then said yes. My coworkers really wanted something chocolaty and two other fruity options. For chocolate I made brownies, I also made Dorie’s Yoghurt Lemon Cake.

For the final fruity treat I decided to adapt this weeks challenge for Tuesdays with Dorie. Christine of Cooking with Christine picked Dorie’s Quick Classic Berry Tart, which I loved!! This tart actually combines two delicious recipes: the sweet tart dough and pastry cream. I doubled the tart dough recipe and baked the tarts in my mini cupcakes/muffins pans covered with foil for 15 minutes and an additional 10 minutes without the foil, I ended up with 38 tart shells. The tarts I served at my coworkers birthday at work were topped with raspberries and blueberries. For the ones at home I used up my leftover blueberries and strawberries: huge hit!! Everyone loved them even if I did forget to add the drizzle of jelly on top of them!

The recipe can be found at Christine’s blog. For tips and tricks I suggest you read the P&Q. Go check out how my fellow TWD-ers tarts turned out here and leave them comments is you like what you see/read!

30 Responses to “>TWD: Mini Quick Classic Berry Tarts”

  1. Nancy/n.o.e Says:

    >Ooooh, I love the way those minis look. Wonderful idea to pipe the pastry cream, makes it look so fancy. I'll bet your coworkers were thrilled with that menu – some of my favorite recipes!

  2. Kayte Says:

    >Yes, please, I will have a red one and a blue one. These look absolutely delicious and delightful. I just love minis…I always feel I can have a mini (or two in this case as they look so good).

  3. TeaLady Says:

    >Great idea to pipe in the cream. Love that you made minis. And they look fantastic. You can bake for b'day any day….

  4. kristen Says:

    >These look delicious! No wonder they were such a hit with your coworkers.

  5. Mary Says:

    >Your mini tarts are gorgeous! The blueberries really show just how tiny they are (unless you had huge blueberries!). What lucky colleagues you have!:)

  6. Tia Says:

    >soooo cute! I love them I want to eat them all 🙂

  7. Marthe Says:

    >@ Nancy, Kayte & Tealady: I have a thing for mini baked goodies, can't help myself ;)@Kristen: Somehow my coworkers always like what I bring in, even when I'm not to sure about it…@Mary: the blueberries were actually quite small compared to the ones I saw in Canada during my last visit! But they're average-sized here.@Tia: I could eat one for breakfast right now, if only I had some left!

  8. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella Says:

    >Oh that is so sweet of you to make these darling little treats for them! I'm sure they adored it-they look fabulous! 😀

  9. Flourchild Says:

    >Im sure your coworkers are going to loved all that you bake for them. Your mini's are super cute! Im sure they tasted wonderful!

  10. Romaine Says:

    >Wow–you piped the cream? What a great idea! Like the crust to cream ratio in the mini tarts.

  11. Nickki Says:

    >Your mini tarts look so good! I think I'm going to have to get some of those mini tart pans 🙂

  12. Clivia Says:

    >I'm envious of those perfect little tart shells. your desserts look lovely! Lucky co-workers.

  13. miss kate Says:

    >so precious!!! Love them.

  14. Mary Ann Says:

    >I love your minis. bite size and perfect!

  15. Rachel Says:

    >So Cute! Great job!

  16. Anne Says:

    >Oh your little minis are absolutely adorable! Awesome job!

  17. Cristine Says:

    >Minis are a great way to go! Thanks for baking along with me!

  18. Linda Says:

    >Lucky co-workers — your cute mini-tarts are a perfect festive b-day treat!

  19. vibi Says:

    >Those are super pretty minis Marthe! You are so nice to share with your coworkers!P.s.: Thank you so much for noticing my presence on Foodie Exchanger… made me feel warm inside!

  20. natalia Says:

    >Ciao marthe I'm sure the party was great mostly because of your wonderful baking !! Love

  21. Leslie Says:

    >Aren't you sweet to bake for your coworkers! Your little minis look so cute (and those are officially the biggest blueberries i have ever seen!)

  22. The Mortensens Says:

    >I love your minis! They look tasty! 🙂

  23. Mimi Says:

    >Great minds think alike! I love you mini's. Your co-workers are a lucky group.Mimi

  24. Teanna Says:

    >Your mini tarts are adorable! I absolutely love them!

  25. Valerie Says:

    >Your mini tarts are adorable! I'm glad they were a hit! 🙂

  26. Jodie Says:

    >Cute little tarts!

  27. Heather Davis Says:

    >What a great idea to the pastry in your muffin tins. They look gorgeous! Your co-workers are certainly very lucky.

  28. Jacque Says:

    >Wow, those blueberries are huge.Your tarts look fantastic! Perfect for a party too where slicing isn't required.

  29. Piggy Says:

    >Your coworkers are very lucky to have your baked goods. Your mini tarts look adorable!

  30. Nichi Says:

    >super cute tarts!

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