>Request for Cookie recipes!


Last week I have been busy for my blog: although I haven’t been posting much , I have been quite busy preparing some posts that will be going up the next couple of days.
They will be about:
  • A review of my Smulwebdiner @ Librije’s Zusje
  • A very late update on my Gift Exchange
  • Fast Chicken Stroganoff
  • Pasta with Balsamic Crushed Tomatoes
  • Blueberry Crumb Cake
  • Maple Syrup, Oats and Pecan Muffins
  • Banketstaaf, a Dutch treat we usually eat at Sinterklaas and in some cases at Christmas as well

I am also going to do a series called ’12 Days of Christmas Cookies’, inspired by LunaCafe’s extravaganze of Chistmas Cookies in 2008, where I will be posting a recipe and pics of cookies on twelve consecutive days. I’m going to bake 12 types of cookies and gift these to coworkers, family and friends. These cookies need to be tasty and not have a list of ingredienst that will cause me to go bancrupt. I already have some cookies in mind, but am open to suggestions. So please let me know if you have a recipe that you think I should definitely bake for my Christmas Cookie Extravaganza! Ow and links to the recipes would be highly appreciated!


3 Responses to “>Request for Cookie recipes!”

  1. trissalicious Says:

    >Cookies are a great Christmas gift!!Cant wait to see what you end up choosing!

  2. Barbara Bakes Says:

    >I've been doing 12 weeks of Christmas Cookies and have made some fabulous cookies. I think the World Peace were the ones everyone liked.

  3. Marthe Says:

    >@ trissalicious: my friends and family thought so too last year, but back then I only baked 5 different cookies…@ Barbara: Dorie's World Peace Cookies are definetely on the list as they are my most requested cookie at work!

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