>Happy Birthday to me!


Today was my best birthday so far: I entered zone 30 and celebrated this wonderful age with lots of friends and family, although some could not be here… (I miss all of you, my dear Canadian friends!!)

Here’s what we enjoyed today, the recipes will follow tomorrow as I’m terribly tired now and really want to go to bed…..


10 Responses to “>Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Pamela Says:

    >Happy Birthday!! Hope it was the best yet.

  2. Tracey Says:

    >Happy Birthday! Looks like a terrific spread there šŸ™‚

  3. Leslie Says:

    >Happy 30th, Marthe!!

  4. isabelle Says:

    >Happy Birthday Marthe! What sumptuous buffet … I hope your birthday was wonderful!

  5. Teanna DiMicco Says:

    >Happy birthday! What a birthday spread!

  6. pinkstripes Says:

    >I hope you had a great birthday!!!

  7. Sara Says:

    >HAPPY BDAY.Nice looking spread, makes me wish it was my bday (though in all honesty I'd be perfectly satisfied not getting a day older – or even going in reverse a year or two)–Nick

  8. foodcreate Says:

    >Wow! Happy Brithday to You and many more :)Thanks for sharing your Birthday:)Welcome!~~http://foodcreate.comJoin , post your comments!and if you can visit i can visit you:)Have great Day:)

  9. PheMom Says:

    >Happy happy birthday! That looks like a fantastic party to me!

  10. vibi Says:

    >Well then… from a Canadian blogging TWD fellow… A very happy belated birthday to you!

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