>CEiMB: Thai Style Chicken with Coconut Curry Broth, Barefoot Bloggers: Ina’s Lemon Cake


This week is the first time I’m actually writing two recipes in one post. So I’m going to start with CEiMB for today’s main course and end with the Barefoot Bloggers for today’s dessert….

CEiMB: Thai Style Halibut Coconut Curry Broth

This weeks recipe for Craving Ellie in My Belly was picked by The Not So Skinny Kitchen, she decided on Thai Style Halibut Coconut Curry Broth. I’m not a huge fan of fish and I wanted to empty my freezer for my upcoming vacation, so I decided to use two chicken breasts. I also used red onion instead of shallots ’cause I was totallly out of shallots!

I cooked the chicken for about 20 minutes, just to make sure it was cooked all the way. I halved the recipe, but used the entire two teaspoons of red curry paste. I left one chicken breast whole and cut the other one into small pieces. Boy, this dish sure ticked all my boxes: curry, cilantro, lime and chicken: absolutely delicious!!!

One serving of this lovely dish works out to only 6 WW points!To my humble opinion this was a great pick, check our what my fellow Ellie-istas thought here.

Barefoot Bloggers: Ina’s Lemon Cakes

McKenzie of Kenzie’s Kitchen got to pick this months Bonus Recipe for Barefoot Bloggers, her pick was Ina’s Lemon Cake. Oh my, this tastes amazing: like heaven. I didn’t think it would be possible with not even the tiniest bit of chocolate in sight, but it’s really good!!

In this recipe Ina combines the perfect pound cake with a lovely tart lemon syrup and a delicious lemon glaze. The cake is nice and moist, sweet but also sour. To sum it up: the perfect summer cake!

The recipe actually makes two cakes, but since I’m planning on doing a lot of baking the next couple of days I halved the recipe and ended up with one perfect lemon cake.

My one lemon cake made 14 slices, that works out to 5 WW Points per slice.

Go check out what the other Barefoot Bloggers thought of Ina’s Lemon Cake here!


12 Responses to “>CEiMB: Thai Style Chicken with Coconut Curry Broth, Barefoot Bloggers: Ina’s Lemon Cake”

  1. Leslie Says:

    >I’m so glad you made this with chicken and it was good! I plan to make this many more times and often have chicken breasts in the freezer. I wasn’t going to make the lemon cake but now your picture has me wondering if I can fit this in today…Enjoy your vacation! I hope the weather is good!

  2. What's for Supper? Says:

    >I love chicken and I bet this was good with the sauce as well. Great substitution!

  3. PheMom Says:

    >They both look great, but I have to admit that lemon cake is calling my name!

  4. Debinhawaii Says:

    >Both your chciken and your lemon cake look great. I really liked the lemon flavor in the cake too.

  5. Craving Ellie in My Belly Says:

    >Looks great! Glad you liked this week’s recipe, it was probably just as delish with chicken. I love your pictures and that lemon cake looks too good. I love lemon cakes. -Sara

  6. Maria Says:

    >I LOVE Ina’s cake, one of our favorites. I recently made it with blueberries. so good!

  7. Mary Ann Says:

    >I am sure this tasted great with chicken too! I will have to keep that in mind for next time. I am so glad you loved it. Your plating looks lovely. The lemon cake looks delicious.

  8. Liz Says:

    >I’m glad you liked it! I was thinking, after I made it, that it would be great with chicken (which is much more economical and therefore more likely to get made again!). And that lemon cake looks awesome! I’m a sucker for any lemony dessert so that is right up my alley; I think I’ll have to make that soon 🙂

  9. Marie Says:

    >Marthe that chicken looks delicious and so does that cake! yum Yum!!

  10. Elyse Says:

    >Mmm, that thai chicken sounds fabulous! I’m so glad you liked this dish. And that iced lemon cake looks fabulous, too!! Man oh man, what a great dinner and dessert 🙂

  11. Jules Someone Says:

    >That looks so good! The lemon cake is fantastic!

  12. carrol Says:

    >thank you for such wonderful recipes..il surely try them out…Please check out the blog mentioned below its really cool….!!!im sure you'll love it!!!www.stay-sharp.in

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