>CEiMB: Garden Risotto and Confession Time…


I have a confession to make: I’ve never made risotto. For some reason I’ve always been quite intimidated about it. But there’s a first time for everything and thanks to Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen yesterday I finally made risotto for the first time in my life!

I was amazed by how easy it was put together, although the risotto did need to be stirred a lot….. My entire family loved this dish: I cooked this at my parents house, my mom couldn’t eat it as she’s not allowed to eat rice at the moment, so I brought leftovers to my brother and put one portion in the freezer.

From now on I’ll be making more risotto!! I did make three small changes in the recipe: I used Pecorino Romano instead of Parmesan, red onion instead of regular onion and I added a bit more spinach and peas to the risotto ’cause I love veggies! My risotto was paired with köfte from the Turkish butcher. What a nice combination: the creamy softness of the risotto toned down the spicyness of the köfte. Jessica, thank you so much for picking this recipe and showing me that risotto is made easy-peasy: you’ve made my entire family happy!!

Check out what my fellow Elie-istas thoughts on the Garden Risotto were here, the recipe can be found here at Jessica’s blog or here at Foodnetwork. Up next are:


9 Responses to “>CEiMB: Garden Risotto and Confession Time…”

  1. Steph Says:

    >Great job on the risotto!

  2. applecrumbles Says:

    >Wonderful pictures. Looks great.

  3. Craving Ellie in My Belly Says:

    >So glad you made this! I think there will be many risottos in your future. There are so many delicious combinations to work with.

  4. What's for Supper? Says:

    >We liked this one too! Yours looks great.

  5. Mary Ann Says:

    >I am so glad you liked it! I was amazed the first time I made risotto how easy it was. The kofte looks delicious on top!

  6. Sara Says:

    >Nice job on risotto #1, welcome to the family of cooks who know how easy this “difficult” dish is to make.– Nickhttp://www.imafoodblog.com

  7. Jen Says:

    >Your risotta looks great! I am glad you are no longer intimidated by risotto. I really like it – I usually just dont have the energy to stand at the stove stirring forever!

  8. Peggy Says:

    >You did a great job on your first risotto! I do not cook it very often due to the time it takes. I bet your family loved it.

  9. AJM Says:

    >Mm, that kotfa burger looks delicious! I have a ton of risotto left and would love one of those for the leftovers!

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