TWD – Chocolate Cream Tart


Tuesday again, where did the time go?? Almost totally forgot about TWD this week. I made this one pretty last minute, like last evening! When I first started to bake I baked everything pretty much last minute, on tuesdays actually, but that made me feel rushed and sometimes I wasn’t able to finish the recipe on time. So I decided to bake ahead of time: so normally I would have baked next weeks recipe last weekend. But somehow everything got scrambled up the last few weeks. 



This week Kim of Scrumptious Photography picked Chocolate Cream Tart for us to make. Kim is a wonderful cook/baker with an amazing talent for photography, I go to her blog on a weekly basis just to look at the gorgeous pictures she takes of the food she bakes. Yum!


The crust is easily put together, this is my sort of crust! Throw everything together, no rolling: just divide evenly in the pan and pop into the freezer for a little while before baking. Easy peasy!I had some doubts about the chocolate cream however, mainly because the recipe looked really similar to the one for the banana cream pie which I didn’t like. Also somehow I had run out of semi-sweet chocolate, so I had to use milk-chocolate. I did taste a bit of the chocolate cream after it had cooled (about a teaspoon): Oh My God, this stuff is addictive!! I absolutely loved this!!!



I made 4 mini-tarts and I’m taking them all to work today, since we don’t have a fridge at work and it’s been extremely warm for the season I won’t add the cream on top as I’m afraid it will turn bad. Today I’m starting a week of Weight Care to jump start back into weightwatchers mode and I decided that I won’t be trying this, so I’ll get report later on whether or not the coworkers liked this one. Check out what my fellow TWD-ers thought of this tart here.


Sunday the recipes for May were posted over at TWD and now I know that May is going to be great!! Apart from my visit to Disneyland Paris and a daytrip to Paris I have these tasty recipes to look forward to:


May 5- Megan of My Baking Adventures chose Tiramisu Cake on pages 266-268.
May 12- Babette of Babette Feasts picked Tartest Lemon Tart on page 336.
May 19- Kelly of Baking with the Boys selected Fresh Mango Bread on page 45.
May 26- Beth of Supplicious decided on Chipster-Topped Brownies on pages 94 and 95.


20 Responses to “TWD – Chocolate Cream Tart”

  1. Amanda Says:

    >Oh I’m sad for you not getting to enjoy this! Can’t you just figure out the WW points and have half?? LOL The tarts look wonderful and I am sure your coworkers will love them!

  2. Jessica Says:

    >I admire your willpower in not eating these tarts. When I gave up chocolate for Lent it was always a sort of strange experience for me to make the chocolate and not eat the chocolate but it’s interesting, too. Your little tarts are adorable. I’m excited about May’s recipes too!

  3. Pamela Says:

    >What??? You made these tarts and decided not have ANY?!? I’m very impressed, that’s for sure. I had half a tart and counted it as 5 points, just to be safe. Great job, Marthe. Have a great week!

  4. Leslie Says:

    >I love your minis! You have way more self control than I do! I actually ate this for dinner the night I made it. So good!

  5. Kara Says:

    >Oh cute little tarts. I need some teeny-tiny tart pans. One thing though … the cream won’t go bad if you don’t refrigerate it. It really won’t. It’ll melt, but a few hours (or even a day) w/out chilling won’t harm it.

  6. chocolatechic Says:

    >You almost forgot??? about chocolate???tisk..tisk..tisk!

  7. PheMom Says:

    >Oh cute little baby tarts! You are awesome to brave making this anyway!

  8. thegreatpantryraid Says:

    >I hear ya on starting up the weight watchers – I think I need to sit out a few weeks too!And I also was a little wary since I didn’t like the banana cream pie…but the tart turned out much better.Good luck on the diet – I find just eating smaller portions works (I’m not NOT going to eat chocolate after all!)

  9. Craving Ellie in My Belly Says:

    >I didn’t make this one, but it looks amazing!

  10. Marie Says:

    >Oh Marthe, your baby tarts look delicious!! I wish I had made this, but I, unlike you, have no willpower whatsoever! (especially when it comes to chocolate!)

  11. Kimberly Johnson Says:

    >Your tarts are so so cute! I love them!

  12. Jules Someone Says:

    >Oh my gosh, those are just adorable. Good for you for not eating them. I had no such willpower.

  13. Jamie Says:

    >I love the minis! I cannot believe you did not eat any! That is some will-power!

  14. TeaLady Says:

    >Since you didn’t get a bite, let me just tell you – IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! Okay, got that off my chest. Good luck with the WW and have fun in Paris.

  15. Kayte Says:

    >I am betting the co-workers had no trouble helping you divest yourself of lots of mini tarts! They look really pretty and particularly charming!

  16. Cathy Says:

    >I love your mini mini tarts. I made minis, but I really want some mini mini pans. Hope the lucky recipients of these enjoyed! They look great!

  17. What's for Supper? Says:

    >Your mini tarts are so cute. Great job.

  18. n.o.e Says:

    >Good for you in sticking with the Weightwatchers plan. You can always make this tart again (and how will you choose between milk chocolate and bittersweet?) Great job, and happy May.Nancy

  19. Jacque Says:

    >Mmm, this is the perfect size mini. I’m sure your co-workers really appreciated them.P.S. I”m sorry I haven’t gotten your award up on my site yet. I am so behind, but I will try to get it up soon. thanks again 🙂

  20. Tracey Says:

    >Ooooh, I’m so jealous that you used milk chocolate. I wish I’d done that as the bittersweet chocolate wasn’t my favorite. Your mini tarts look perfect!

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