>TWD: Banana Cream Pie


Amy of Sing for Your Supper picked Banana Cream Pie for this weeks TWD-recipe. I was excited, because this was a pie that I had actually made before and although it was a different recipe now I would have something to compare it to!

Last October I made my first Banana Cream Pie, that time it was for CEiMB and Heather from Randomosity and the Girl picked it.

For the pie I took the easy way out and bougth some puff pastry shells. The custard came together very easily: it did start to curdle just a bit, but that was soon solved by with some quick whisking action. After cooling down the custard was a bit too thick, so I thinned it by whisking in some cream as suggested in the P&Q.

This pie tasted okay, but I thought this custard tasted a bit too sugary/cinnamonny/eggy….. I’m not quite sure what it was that made me hesitant….. My dad loved it though!!. I actually preferred the one that I made last October, if you want to give that one a try, go here for the recipe!

Curious what my fellow TWD-ers thought of the Banana Cream Pie?? Check out the blogroll here!
Ow and one last thing: enter my giveaway (I know: another giveaway!!!), deadline is April 10th midnight Dutch time!!!

30 Responses to “>TWD: Banana Cream Pie”

  1. NQN Says:

    >Yum! That looks amazingly good 🙂 What a pity the custard was too eggy but it looks great. I have some bananas, some caramel and some cream in my fridge that’s just dying to be made into something similar! 🙂

  2. Amanda Says:

    >Wow what beautiful little tarts! I loved this pie, though it definitely isn’t a traditional sweet banana cream. Glad you dad liked it!

  3. The Food Librarian Says:

    >Oh! How cute! I love these!!!

  4. Jules Someone Says:

    >Glad that Dad enjoyed it! I may have to check out the other version.

  5. Marie Says:

    >I think your little pies look so cute Marthe! I was not sure I liked the custard either. I thought it tasted like graham crackers, but it kind of grew on me and by the time I finished I quite liked it!

  6. Steph Says:

    >Your tarts look really cute!

  7. n.o.e Says:

    >Could those little tarts be any cuter? Sorry you were disappointed in the flavor but at least you have a recipe you do like.Nancy

  8. Teanna Says:

    >I’m sorry you weren’t a fan! Your little tartlets are super cute and I love how you decorated them!

  9. myfamousrecipe Says:

    >Even if you weren’t in love with the flavor, you had to be proud of their appearance! These look great.

  10. Sara Says:

    >These mini pies are too cute. I have been wanting to try Ellie’s recipe. Hopefully I will like hers better since it is healthier than this calorie fest!Sara/Imafoodblog.com

  11. chocolatechic Says:

    >Gorgeous little tarts.

  12. Peggy Says:

    >Those tarts look fabulous! I didn’t make them this week. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately. But I did the CEiMB last night and it was delicious. So was this banana cream not sweet enough?

  13. farah Says:

    >I love your little tartlets, so adorable! Sorry you weren’t that keen on this recipe but glad your Dad like it 🙂

  14. Michelle Says:

    >Oh MY…your mini pies are so cute. I love the piped stars!

  15. Tracey Says:

    >Your tarts are so cute!! This crust gave me problems so I wish I’d bought some shells too 🙂

  16. Liz Says:

    >Cute little tarts! Using puff pastry dough is a great idea–a delicious, tasty shortcut.

  17. Heather Says:

    >Beautiful presentation!

  18. TeaLady Says:

    >Oh, those are yummy looking. And beautiful, too. I love the little tarts.

  19. natalia Says:

    >Ciao Marthe !! I love the mini they are very cute !!

  20. Natashya Says:

    >They look so cute! I am wishing I did minis now.

  21. Anne Says:

    >Those minis are cute! I’ll have to try Ellie’s recipe, too.

  22. What's for Supper? Says:

    >It looks great. I actually liked Dorie’s much better than Ellie’s! I wonder why. The fat content is probably way higher!

  23. jesse Says:

    >Your banana cream pies are sooooo adorable! They’re so dainty and pretty!! I’m glad they turned out so good.

  24. Gabe's Girl Says:

    >Very very nice looking tarts. They are so dainty and special looking.

  25. leanne Says:

    >Wow those tarts are beautiful!

  26. Cathy Says:

    >Oh, it is great to know that you preferred Ellie’s healthier version! I loved Dorie’s, but it is so spectacularly loaded with fat/calories that I couldn’t justify making it too often. I will have to try Ellie’s! Your little tarts look beautiful!

  27. shortbreadsouth.com Says:

    >This is my first banana cream pie, but I think I would like a more traditional recipe, too.

  28. Cakelaw Says:

    >Your pies are awfully cute Marthe, just like little flowers. Sorry the spicy custard wasn’t your thing.

  29. HoneyB Says:

    >Your little pies are so cute!

  30. Annette Says:

    >Your little tarts are so pretty! Too bad you didn’t love them. I had some issues making my pie, but thought it tasted good. Glad your dad liked it. My parents liked it too.

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