>And the winners are…….

>You may think: Winners??? I thougth there was one giveaway??? Totally true, but being the generous person I am (if I say so myself) I decided to also give one person a chance to sample the chocolate letter and send some pepernoten to another person. Ain’t I sweet??? šŸ™‚

To be completely clear:

  • The winner gets the chocoladeletter of her choice, the pepernoten and something else
  • The runner up gets the chocoladeletter of her choice
  • The second runner up gets pepernoten

So, using the random generator, here are the results:

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:17 5 4
Timestamp: 2008-11-21 00:03:44 UTC

So, the winner of the ‘big giveaway’ is MacDuff!!! No need to move: the Sinterklaas-goodies will come your way, but please tell me which letter you want to receive…. Clara is the lucky winner of a chocolate letter “C” and Kristin will receive some pepernoten. Congratulations to the three of you!!!

Marie, Nancy, Jenna, Stevi, Natashya, Jacque, Melissa, Liz, Peggy, Pamela, Kimberly, Cathy, Holly, Natalia and Kassy: thanks for participating in my first ever giveaway!!

P.S. Per request of Natalia I will be posting a recipe for pepernoten this weekend or the coming week so that you will all be able to bake your own pepernoten!! So stay tuned!


3 Responses to “>And the winners are…….”

  1. CB Says:

    >I WON!? How awesome is that? Now gimme my chocolate! HAHA. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway./Clara

  2. natalia Says:

    >Ciao Marthe! I would like the recipe for the pepernoten so I will pretend I won !!!!

  3. Peggy Says:

    >left you an award on my blogsite. . come on over and pick it up when you can!

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