>CEiMB: no Turkey Roulade… Sorry…

>OMG, I feel like such a slacker this week…. Again no CEiMB by me….. This was my first week at my new job, but since I don’t have a bidder yet I just did some small stuff at the office on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday I went shopping with a friend in Meppel and bought absolutely nothing, yesterday was spent cleaning up around the house, a short shoppingspree downtown (a pair of trousers, a skirt and a pair of high heels for 50 euros!! 🙂 ) and yesterday evening I worked at the bistro.

So I should have had plenty of time to make that Turkey Roulade somewhere last week…. Somehow I forgot all about it… Sorry!!! But next week it’s my pick…. I was thinking about two recipes: one with lasagna roll-ups and one with portobello’s….. Yum!!

Now on to my job explanation….. I used to work as a secretary for an insurance company, I worked there since February 2006 and now was ready for a new challenge. I was approached by a company called Secretary Plus, Secretary Plus is a temporary employment agency specialised in secretaries, PA’s, etcetera. But they also do secondments. So I now have a contract with them for one year and they send me to bidders for short periods of time, e.g, pregnancy leave, sabbatical, etc. So I’ll see lots of different companies in a short period of time.

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One Response to “>CEiMB: no Turkey Roulade… Sorry…”

  1. CB Says:

    >I ran to get my book after you said lasagna rollups or something portobello. The rollups have portobellos too! Now I am curious! I think either one would be awesome. I am drooling just thinking about it. HAHA/Clara

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